SDG Glamour Coat - MGreen Granite


Wall coating for exterior, interior walls and ceilings
– Suppliered in 40kg plastic lined metal drums
– Spread rate 6sqm depending on type of substrate and surface texture. Gives a 3mm thickness

This is a wall coating made of coloured stone, glitter and marbel chips prepared with guareenteed pure acrylic resin and various precisely graded additives.The resin as the main ingredient makes this product binding and protective, thus resisting the extreme atmospheric conditions. Perfect for inland and coastal areas. The precisely graded additives assists in the prevention of fungal and algal growth on the wall. Used to colour change existing walls and ceilings that need to be painted



Gamazine is suppliered as a ready mixed coloured paste for ease of application (nothing should be added to mixed paste). Plaster surface ought be fairly smooth, not flaky, seasoned and dry surface. Applied with a stainless steel trowel and floated with a SDG special plastic trowel (can be sourced from us directly) to remove surplus material.