Granite/Glamour coat

Vertical Gamazine

Smooth Gamazine

Circular Gamazine

Our Services


Our building solutions are tailor made for quick and efficient construction to reduce assembly time. These solutions are Temporary Relocation Unit (TRU) /Alternative Building Technologies(ABT)


We provide guaranteed solutions for roofs (incl. tiled, corrugated and concrete slabs, roof garden etc), balconies, foundations, basements, ponds and extend our services to offer roof painting as well.

Gamazine/Glamour Coat

Both these textured coatings provide an alternative to conventional paint. Used both for interior and exterior application leaving your establishment looking newer for longer.

Our Work Process for Projects


Wall /Site Assessment

Diagnosis of Affected Area

Recommendations & Quote

Our Quality

With quality being the core of our value, our manufactured wall coatings are SABS (ISO 9000:2015) approved to meet the highest standards. Sun Diverse Group is a reputable manufacturer that continues to provide impeccable service delivery to our clients. We maintain these high standards by ensuring that all assignments are supervised to assure that we continuously comply to standards that we have set for our organisation.

Our Project Management philosophy

Effective communication on site, supervise closely on quality of work undertaken at all stages to ensure integrity and conformation to required standards. Detailed pictorial reports are supplied upon quotation, and project completion, stages. Guaranteed systems from 2 years to 20 years.

Consultation Project

Project Planning

Execute Project